Jason Kodie

(Edmonton, AB)

You may remember Jason as 'the Mellifluous Mr. Bombo' who roamed our street on his piano-bike in 2015, 2016 and virtually in 2020.  In 2021 he teamed up with Flyin' Bob to create the crowd favourite, "The Moon is as High as a Big Pizza Pie!"

Jason Kodie is an award winning musician who has been an integral member in a number of projects and bands . Based in Edmonton, he has performed at the Olympics, Place des Arts, The Smithsonian, with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, and a range of venues from house concerts to premier venues throughout Western Canada. With accordion as his primary instrument, he is equally versatile as a pianist and arranger. As a soundscape designer, he has composed for over 30 productions, and was a recent nominee for best sound design at the 2017 Elizabeth Sterling Hayes awards. Since 2013, Jason has been the Musical Director of ‘Ze Punterz’, for Rapid Fire’s ‘Late Nite Cabaret’ at the Edmonton International Fringe Festival. Since 2011, he has been the lead musical curator for the Flying Canoe Volant festival held at la Cité francophone in Edmonton. In 2011, Jason joined the Edmonton International Street Performers festival with his piano-bike (Piano-vélo) and has been happily rolling around the festival circuit, including here in Grande Prairie. Jason is a member of Captain Tractor, Le Fuzz, and can be heard along with a myriad of musicians.

Jason is thrilled to be back as part of this year’s festival. Roving about with a variety of instruments (accordion, baloneyum, Zambloni), he looks forward to once again seeing the joyful faces and festival goers enjoying an in person event!

Website: www.jasonkodie.bandcamp.com

Instagram: @jasonkodie