Sharon Mahoney

(Victoria, BC)


Sharon made her first Grande Prairie appearance in 2017.  We've invited her to make her second visit this year.

See Sharon in Show # 2.

Sharon Mahoney is an award winning comedian, actress and Street Performer who has travelled the globe for almost 20 years performing at world class festivals and comedy clubs. If you like your comedy to pack a powerful punch then Mahoney’s no-holds barred material will not disappoint. She has performed in Australia, NZ, USA, Europe, UK, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Africa and more! With a background in Improvisation acting from the Second City in Toronto and a degree in Theatre Arts and psychology, she is a versatile performer, who successfully provokes and pushes the boundaries of social norms. Her stand up comedy can be seen on national Tv and she headlines and hosts comedy clubs around the world.


TWITTER |  @sharonmahoneyca

INSTAGRAM | sharonmahoney150