Phileas Flash

(Edmonton, AB)

Rupert Appleyard, AKA Phileas Flash, comes to Grande Prairie for the 7th time since 2013.  See his balloon twisting workshop.

No visit to the Grande Prairie International Street Performers Festival would be complete without your very own twisted balloon to play with, so we've brought back festival favorite Phileas Flash (aka British born performer Rupert Appleyard) to show you how to make three basic balloon figures of your own. Phileas has travelled all over the world teaching people to make balloon animals (from Japan to Hungary) and is widely regarded as being one of the world's top balloon artists. As well as being an internationally acclaimed live performer he now hosts a weekly YouTube show (TheBIGballoon) where he creates incredible large scale balloon sculptures and teaches fun balloon designs. So grab your twisting balloons and pump, because you will be blown away by this workshop.

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