Heather Swain  

Heather D. Swain and her Humour Associates

Heather D. Swain


Heather D. Swain, a professional actor since the late 1900’s, was asked by Dick Finkel in 1994 to come make people laugh. From that invitation Heather went on to create nine amazing roving characters that have toured across Alberta, Canada, USA, Mexico, and London UK. She is thrilled to return for the 40th Streetfest and bring her Humour Associates back to the square. Crowd favourites include Miss Information, The Queen of Rationalization, and Humour Healthcare Specialists – Dr. Auntie Dote.

“This festival changed the trajectory of my career, and I am a better performer for it”.
Let’s make ’em laugh!


Website: heatherdswain.com

Twitter: @HeatherDSwain