Mr. Spin

AKA: Nigel Martin


Nigel Martin is a comic, Vaudevillian performer who has been entertaining large and enthusiastic audiences worldwide for the last 20 years. With his ferocious energy and endearing, charismatic wit, Nigel Martin is a true comic genius and one of Australia’s finest jugglers.  With a background in classical dance and inspired by Vaudeville greats Enrico Rastelli, Francis Brunn and Bobby May, Nigel has focused on developing high level skills, fluid movement and his own quirky style of comedy. Nigel can be seen under other guises performing internationally with groups Buzz, Slack Taxi, and Australia's Lunar Circus. Nigel was also asked to play the lead role in Rolf de Heers latest movie, Dr Plonk. The film is a slapstick tribute to the black & white silent greats; Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton.

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